UFO Mini Fingertip Flight Gyro

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  • Made of high-quality PP material. fall-proof. shock-proof. collision-proof. high resilience.
  • The flying gyro uses advanced LED seven-color light hovering technology. induction suspension and collision protection. You just need to gently throw the ball into the air. it can immediately start flying. Super cool and super fun!
  • The flying spinner has four power motors rotating rapidly to provide power to make itself 360¡ã rotate and fly. When flying to a certain height. there is always a high hover during the flight. grab the ball flip and stop flying.
  • Designed with on/off button. turn on to ON direction. the body indicator flashes. turn off to the right.
  • The closed wheel design is aerodynamic to protect your hands while spinning and performing tricks.
  • Charging via USB cable can be fully charged in 15 minutes. easy to operate and use.
  • The propeller is located inside the small sphere/ball drone toy. Little kids don't have to worry about getting hurt by the propeller. The best kids drone for beginner boys and girls toys.